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Albright IP are a firm of qualified UK and European trademark attorneys, based in Cheltenham, UK. We specialise in trademark registration in a simple, proactive and cost effective way. We will work with you to trademark your brand name, logo, company name or corporate identity.

Albright's ethos is different. We actively encourage dialogue with clients and provide support throughout the brand development process.

Please call us on +44 (0)1242 691 801 to speak to a Trademark Attorney.

Introduction to UK Trade Marks

If you use or are about to commence use of a Trade Mark, you should consider protecting it by trademark registration.

Introduction to UK Trade Marks

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Trademark Overview

A trademark or brand name is a sign that identifies your business, products or services and sets them apart from others.

A trademark is not just and logo. It can also be made up of words, letters, numbers and slogans. 

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Why Trademark?

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that company name, domain name and trademark registration are the same. These three registers are completely different. Company name and domain name registration does not give rise to monopoly rights in a brand name, only trademark registration does this.

A trademark registration has many advantages. These include:

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Why Register a Trademark?

A trademark registration provides immediate monopoly rights, even before the trademark has been used. It is evidence of your ownership of the brand name in relation to specified goods and/or services.

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Company Name Registration

It is a common misconception that registering your company name at Companies House protects your name. This is not the case.

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